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Help save the environment, while keeping more money in your pocket using energy-efficient solar panels. Solar panel installation in Los Angeles is becoming more and more common. Not only because they give you a return on your investment, but because Southern California has the perfect climate for residential and commercial solar panel systems. Here at Innovation Design and Construction Inc., we focus on going green. It is our mission to help your home be as energy efficient as possible throughout the design and remodel process.

Energy Efficient Solar Panel Installation in Los Angeles

Installing solar panels in Los Angeles has several benefits. Not only does it significantly reduce your monthly electric bills, but you will not have to worry about electric and fossil fuel prices increasing. Solar panels operate off of energy from the sun, converting sunlight into electricity without the harmful radiations.

A solar cell is the basic unit of a solar panel. It will typically consist of one or two layers of silicon-based semiconductor wafers. Photons in the sunlight give the cell an electrical charge. Multiple PV cells are packed together into the solar panels. They are installed in a way that will maximizes their hours of exposure to direct sunlight. The electricity that is created by the solar cells is referred to as direct current, or DC. The DC is sent to an inverter that changes the power into the same alternating current (AC) that is used by appliances in your home.

Assistance with the Cost of Solar Panels

The state of California features many rebate and tax incentive programs for solar panel installation. For more information, please visit: http://www.gosolarcalifornia.ca.gov/. The Los Angeles solar energy experts at Innovation Design and Construction Inc. offer solar leasing options as well. Please reach out to our team to get more information and a free consultation. Call us now at 888.361.2727. We look forward to working with you and helping you “go green” with solar panels.


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